The spelling of the surname in the records is quite fluid.

A person may be born an EATLEY and marry as an EATLY and end their days again an EATLEY, depending on the whim of  the reprentative of officialdom the person finds themselves dealing with.

It is only when an original signature appears on a document do we know what the individual. believed their name was.


Biographies ~ Mini-biographies ~  Main list  of all biographies.

Australia  ~    Mini-biographies from the main list relating to Australia.

Canada     ~    Mini-biographies from the main list relating to Canada

U.S.A      ~     Mini-biographies from the main list relating to the USA

Living  Males    ~  Mini-biographies of living Eatlys/Eatleys [password protected]

Living Females ~  Mini-biographies of living Eatlys/Eatleys [password protected]

Census Returns  ~  United Kingdom 1840 - 1911

Census Returns  ~  USA 1790 -1930   in preparation

Pick List   ~  A list of all known EATLEY/EATLYs in all countries... found so far

The children  ~ A small remembrance of those who died before their 10th birthday

Lest We Forget  ~ Those who died in war.

Survivors  ~ The warriors who returned home.

The Bad Boys  ~ Those who fell foul of the law.

Extracts of EATLY/EATLEY ~from the Canada  Census returns .. [in course of preparation 20APR2015]

Spouses ~ Those  who married Eatly/Eatleys

Dedication  Nancy EATLY

Origins of Eatly  An attempt at the meaning of the name.

Distribution: The journeys and perambulations of the name.

Occurrence: Rarity

Variations: The different spellings.

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What is a One-Name Study.  One-NameStudy :

An hereditary EATLY christian name. Epaphroditus:

Extract from Old Bailey Trials. Old Bailey:

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