The Bad Boys 


Those who fell foul of the law.

Stand and Deliver ! 1730

The Daily Journal  of  7th December 1730

Last Saturday [ 5th December 1730] at the Sessions at the Old Bailey  the following person was capitally  convicted  viz. Richard SMITH, on the information of John WILLS, for robbing Mr. Dickenson on the  Highway  { Wapping}  near Sir John Oldcastle's.

John EATLY and  George REEVES were try'd on the same Indictment upon the Information of John WILLS and acquitted.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That on Sunday between 6 and 7 o'Clock at Night, he was going between Sir  John Old-Castle 's and Black Mary's-Hole , several Men assaulted him, and the first Man that came up bid him stand and deliver, that he reply'd, he had nothing that would do them any Service; that there came four about him, and they cry'd, D - n him, shoot him through the Head, and they clap'd a Pistol to his Head, beat him, and abus'd him very much, so that he could hardly see for several Days, and cut him cross the Lip, and it being put in the News that such Persons were taken up, he went and found his Scissors, Hat and Wig in the Custody of  John Cauthery .

Hanged 1775

The London Magazine or Gentlemans Monthly Chonrologer of  14th January 1775 reports on the case of one John WILLIAMS or OVERAN who was executed at Tyburn  for a series of robberies and thefts.    The reports mentions in passing that one of   Williams's  former associates  EATLEY had been executed in Ireland.


Scan of report courtesy of Google Books

Transported [1] 1807

Henry EATLEY was born circa 1776 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England. 

On 8th March 1806, a groom and house servant, he appeared at York Assizes arraigned for horse stealing. He was convicted and sentenced to transportation for 14 years. 

Henry and another 190 convicts embarked aboard the ship Duke of Portland in January, 1807. 

He disembarked at New South Wales on 27th July, 1807. 

Henry Eatly died in 1853 in New South Wales, Australia aged 70 years.

National Archives   HO 11/1/389 1807 January Pages 389-397: Transportation register of convicts bound for New South Wales on the convict ship Duke of Portland.  
**State Archives NSW; Roll: 181
Death Reference: V1853 1547 39B/1853.

Transported 2 1815

William Eatley  born about 1776

William, aged 40, was convicted at The Old Bailey, London on 24 October 1815, for stealing [pick pocketing] a handkerchief value two shillings.

He was sentenced to deportation for 7 years.

On 18 October 1816 he disembarked as a convict from the ship 'Mariner' in New South Wales and was forwarded to Windsor for distribution.

I can find no information about William either before or after the offence.


Conviction Reference:    The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18151025-12   &  The National Archives of the UK  Class: HO 26; Piece: 21; Page: 43
Transportation Reference: New South Wales Government Records. Reel 6005, 4/3495 p 205.



Scan courtesy of  The Proceedings of the Old Bailey

No Bill 1829


Middlesex November Sessions at Westminster

Mary Eatley
Date of Trial: Nov 1829
Sentence: No bill

The National Archives of the UK : Class: HO 26; Piece: 35; Page: 71

Imprisoned 1850

Larceny by a servant

Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey.

Name: John Eatley
Date of Trial: 4 Mar 1850
Sentence: Imprisonment   6 months

The National Archives of the UK : Class: HO 27; Piece: 94; Page: 156


Acquitted 1873

Larceny & Receiving

Middlesex General Sessions, Clerkenwell, England

Name: Charles Eatley  with Charles Burden & John Blackburn
Date of Trial: 8 Sep 1873
Sentence: Acquittal

The National Archives of the UK : Class: HO 27; Piece: 165; Page: 218