What is a One-Name Study?

A one-name study is a project by an individual or group researching the occurence of a particular surname. This usually involves recording all references to that surname, sometimes in a specified geographical area, sometimes during a specified time period, and sometimes worldwide and all dates. Some regard the latter category as 'real one-namers'. Many one-namers pursue this interest in parallel with their genealogical research into their own ancestry. Many one-name studies are quite small. Some larger studies involve members word wide, publish magazines and hold one-name gatherings. The EATLY one-name study belongs firmly to the former group.


The Guild of One-Name Studies is the international society for everyone interested in one-name studies. The Guild publishes an award winning quarterly journal and the Register of One-Name Studies. For full details of the Guild's activities visit their web site here

You might find it interesting to view some of the work done by other Guild members.
BAGE One Name Study

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