An Hereditary EATLY Name

From Epaphroditus, the son of Richard and Betty, whose christening is recorded in 1768 in Gloucestershire to Epaphroditus Arthur, born in Fulham in 1904 who died in Islington in 1991, at least one boy in each generation of EATLY has been named Epaphroditus.

Epaphroditus as a christian name has its origins in the New Testament. St. Paul whilst in prison in Rome wrote asking for support. The Philippians, upon hearing about Paul's needs, took an offering and sent it by the hand of Epaphroditus who was to stay at Rome and help Paul in any way he could. He was not just to deliver the money and leave, he was to stay and to minister to Paul's needs. While at Rome Epaphroditus becomes ill and almost dies. When he recovers, Paul sends him back to Philippi with a letter which is now a book of the New Testament called The Epistle to the Philippians.

The Name: Epaphroditus was a common name in those times. A shortened form of it was Epaphrus.

Epaphroditus is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. She was the goddess of love. One of the most celebrated goddesses of the ancient world. She was the goddess of beauty, mother of love, queen of laughter, mistress of the graces and pleasures and also the goddess of luck.

Epaphroditus means: "belonging to or devoted to Aphrodite." The name later came to mean: "lovely or charming." The biblical Epaphroditus' parents were most likely worshippers of Aphrodite.

I have been told that the family name for those blessed with this forename was 'Ditus'.

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