EATLY in the 1901 Census of Britain

The following is a transcription of the EATLY families as they appear in the 1901 Census . They are taken from images of the original documents.
The headings are First Name: Surname: Relationship to Head of Household: Age:Occupation: Place of Birth.

486 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, England.RG13/71/118/28
Benjamin EATLY.Head.27.Farrier.London Chelsea
Isabel L. EATLY.Wife.28.1873. London Chelsea
Isabel A. EATLY.Dau.6months.1900.London Chelsea

12 Bute Street, Kensington, London.RG13/34//
Sophia EATLY.Boarder.45.Single.Self Employed Dressmaker.London Chelsea

16 Hale Street, Islington,London.RG13/190/164/26
Epaphroditus EATLY.Head.Widower.71.Retired Printer. St Luke London
Caroline EATLY.Dau.Single.48.Book Sewer. St Luke London
Epaphroditus EATLY.Son.Single.40.Stationers Cutter. St Luke London
Sarah WHITE.Grandaughter.12.London Islington

8 Benwell Road, Islington, London.RG13/201/93/18
George E EATLY.Head.49.Letter Press Binder. London St Luke
Sarah S EATLY.Wife.48.London St Pancras
Epaphroditus EATLY.Son.19.Cardboard Packer.London Islington
Albert E EATLY.Son.17.Stockbrokers Clerk.London Islington
Alice E EATLY.Dau.16.Book Folder.London Islington
Jessie D EATLY.Dau.9.London Islington

89 Beaumont Road, Leyton, Essex.RG13/1619/47/38
William EATLY.Head.34.Blacksmith. London St Luke
Florence E. EATLY.Wife.31.Kingsland
William A.Son.9.Hackney Wick
Florence W.Dau.7.London St Luke
Elizabeth C.Dau.5.Essex Leyton
George Eli.Son1.Essex Leyton

21 Forston Road, Shoreditch, London.RG13/270/163/9
Richard EATLY.Head.48.Printers Pressman.London St Luke
Charlotte EATLY.Wife.39.London St Luke
Charlotte EATLY.Dau.14.Leather Sticher, Machinist.London St Luke
Richard EATLY.Son.13.Printers Errand Boy.London St Luke

17 Carlton Vale, Willesden, Harrow.RG13/1222/14/19
Alice EATLY.Head.39.Launderess.London St Pancras
Florence EATLY.Dau.14.General Servant.London Chelsea
Ellen EATLY.Dau.London Chelsea
Frederick EATLY.Son.5.Chelsea
Father is in hospital at
Chelsea Workhouse, Britten Street, Chelsea, London
Richard EATLY:39:Bricklayer:Worcestershire Great Malvern

18 Sarefield Road,Battersea,London.RG13/460/120/11
Beatrice M. EATLY.Servant.24.General Servant.London Hoxton

'The Plough' 2 Courtney Street, Kennington, Lambeth, Surrey.RG13/408/116/1
Samuel EATLY.Head.30.Beer & Wine Seller. London St Luke
Edith EATLY.Wife.30.London St Luke
Samuel EATLY.Son.1.Kennington
Alfred EATLY.Son.6 months.Kennington

48 Fawes Park Road, Wandsworth, London, England.RG13/481/100/52
Charles EATLY.Head.68.Bricklayer.Middlesex
Sarah EATLY.Wife.66.Plymouth Devon

148 Fawe Park Road, Wandsworth, London.RG13/481/94/28
George E. EATLY.Head.32.Bricklayer.London Battersea
Elizabeth EATLY.Wife.30.London Poplar
Albert E. EATLY. Son.3.London Wandsworth
Mary A WATSON.Mother-in-law.60.Lambeth
and two of the children are in hospital at
Fountain House Hospital, Grove Road, Tooting, London.RG13/480/52/8
George EATLY.Patient.6.
Charles EATLY.Patient.7.

67 Wandsworth Bridge Road, Fulham, London.RG13/69/54/48
Henry C. EATLY.Head.48.Builder's Clerk.London Chelsea
Letitia A. EATLY.Wife.45.Essex Silvertown
Henry C. EATLY.Son.24.Self-employed Bootmaker
Sophia L. EATLY.Dau.17.Dressmaker.London Chelsea
Ethel M.Dau.11.London Chelsea
and Henry C.Jnr's wife and children are with her parents at
7 St Catherines Mansions, Lillie Road, Fulham, London.RG13/54/71/1
Charles AINSWORTH.Head.50.Solicitors Clerk.London Lambeth
Emily AINSWORTH.Wife.43.London Paddington
Jessie EATLY.Dau.22.London Chelsea
Irene EATLY.GranDau.9months.London Kensington

18 Parthenia Road, Fulham, London.RG13/66/99/5
Albert E. EATLY.Head.35.Bricklayer.Chelsea
Minnie W. EATLY.Wife.33.Norfolk Brisley
William E. EATLY.Son.8.London Stockwell
Mabel A. EATLY.Dau.7.London Fulham
Ella M. EATLY.4.London Fulham
Infant (Olive) EATLY.1 day.London Fulham

23 Parthenia Road, Fulham, London.RG13/66/131/12
Benjamin EATLY.Head.Widower.71.Retired Builder.London Chelsea
Alice EATLY.Dau.42.London Chelsea

26 Parthenia Road, Fulham, London.RG13/66/131/12
Benjamin EATLY.Head.50.Bricklayer.London Chelsea
Hannah EATLY.Wife.51.Berkshire Windsor
Ernest EATLY.Son.19.Bricklayer.London Chelsea
Alfred EATLY.Son.11.London Chelsea.

Wellingborough Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.RG13/1439/112/40
Charles Ernest EATLY.Head.33.Electrical & Mechanical Engineer.London Chelsea
Annie EATLY.Wife.32.London Chelsea
William Charles EATLY.Son.6.London Clapham
Lillian Annie H. EATLY.Dau.London Fulham

Scotts Hill Road, Ossett, Yorkshire.RG13/4273/104/4
Albert NORTH.Head.32.Gas Fitter.Yorkshire Ossett
Lavinia NORTH.Wife.26.Yorkshire Ossett
Nellie NORTH.Dau.9 months.Yorkshire Ossett
Sophia EATLY.Mother-in-law.62,Widow.Woolen Rag sorter.London Chelsea

Lancaster Place, Tanself, Pontefract, Yorkshire.RG13/4300/66/14
Charles EATLY.Head.33.Coal Miner.London Hammersmith
Adeline EATLY.Wife.23.Yorkshire Ossett
Nora EATLY.Dau.6.Yorkshire Ossett
Harriett SAXON.Mother-in-law.Widow.57.Yorkshire

Rhantregunwen Farm, Llandisilion, Mongomeryshire.RG13/5204/531/8
Arthur EATLY.Servant.15.General Labourer.Maesbrook Shropshire

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