EATLY in the 1891 Census of England and Wales

The following is a transcription of the EATLY families as they appear in the 1891 Census for the London Area. They are taken from images of the original documents. The 1891 Census is not indexed by name, families will be added as they are discovered.
The headings are First Name: Surname: Relationship to Head of Household: Occupation: Age: Place of Birth.

8 Beethoven Street, Kilburn Lane, Chelsea, London, England
Richard EATLY.Head.45.Bricklayer.Worcestershire
Alice EATLY.Wife.24.London Chelsea
Florence EATLY.Dau.4.London Chelsea
Ellen EATLY.Dau.18months.London Chelsea

14 Flood Street, Chelsea, London, England
Benjamin A. EATLY.Head.40.Bricklayer.London Chelsea
Hannah A. EATLY.Wife.41.Berkshire Windsor
Beatrice M. EATLY.Dau.14.London Shoreditch
Ernest C. EATLY.Son.9.London Chelsea
Alfred W. EATLY.Son.1.London Chelsea

5 Milman Street, Chelsea, London, England
Benjamin EATLY.Head.61.Bricklayer.France
Sophia EATLY.Wife.62.London Chelsea
Alice Charlotte EATLY.Dau.Single.32.London Chelsea
Louise Mary (Plumpton?) EATLY.20.London Chelsea
Emily Sophia Margaret  BENNETT. 4.London Chelsea [dau. of   Emily Ellen nee EATLY  and John BENNETT]

41 Park Walk, Kings Road, Chelsea, London, England
Albert E. EATLY.Head.25.Bricklayer.London Chelsea
Minnie W. EATLY.Wife.20.Norfolk Brisley

6 Royal Avenue, Kings Road, Chelsea
Elizabeth EATLY.Servant.16.Nurse (Domestic).London Piccadilly

21 Forston Road, Shoreditch, London, England
Richard EATLY.Head.34.Printers Foreman.London St Luke
Charlotte EATLY.Wife.29.London St Luke
Charlotte EATLY.Dau.4.London Islington
Richard EATLY.Son.3.London Islington

'The Hop Pole' 64 Putney Bridge Road, Wandsworth London, England
Charles EATLY.Head.59.Bricklayer & Publican.London Chelsea
Sarah EATLY.Wife.57.Publican.Ireland Nery
Emma EATLY.Dau.28.Surrey Battersea
George EATLY.Son.21.Surrey Battersea

7 Hides Terrace, Islington, London
George EATLY Head Married 39 Printers pressman St Lukes
Sarah E EATLY Wife Married 28 St Pancras
Edith L EATLY Daughter 13 Book folder Islington
Alfred G EATLY Son 11 Scholar Islington
Epaphroditus EATLY Son 9 Scholar Islington
Albert Edward EATLY Son 9 Scholar Islington
Alice Ethel EATLY Daughter 8 Islington

Coachmans Cottage, Epping House, Little Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire
John CLARKE Head. 36. Head  married.coachman. Western Turville Bucks
Mary A CLARKE. 35. Cook. married. Western Turville Bucks
Benjamin EATLY, 19,  unmarried  Groom. Chelsea

16 Hale Street, Islington, County of London.
Epaphroditus EATLY M Head Printers Pressman 61 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Caroline EATLY M Wife . 60 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
Caroline EATLY U Dau Book Folder 47 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
Epaphroditus EATLY U Son Printers Cutter 30 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth EATTY U Dau Bookfolder  16 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth EATTY U Sister Charwoman  68 F St Luke, Middlesex, England

Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, Yorkshire
Sophia EATLEY Head Widow 52 Woollen  rag sorter Chelsea
Charles EATLEY Son Unmarried 23 Coal miner Hammersmith
John EATLEY Son Unmarried 20 Woollen mill hand Bromley
Lavinia EATLEY Daughter 16 Woolllen rag sorter Ossett

123 Pinner Road, Oxhey, Watford, Hertfordshire
William MARCHANT Head 52 Sevenoaks
Eliza MARCHANT Wife 48 Chinnor
Charles E ESTBY [EATLY] Boarder Married 23 Engineer Chelsea
Annie ESTBY [EATLY] Boarder Married 22 Chelsea

5 Ramsey Street, Chelsea, London
Henry C EATLY  Head Married 38 Builder Foreman bricklayer Chelsea
Letita  A  EATLY Wife 34  N/K
Henry C EATLY Son 14 Attendant Natural History Museum Chelsea
Sophia L EATLY Daughter  7 Chelsea
Ethel M EATLY Daughter 1 Chelsea





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