EATLY/EATLEY in the Census of Britain taken 7 April 1861

The following is a transcription of the EATLY families as they appear in the 1861 Census. They are taken from images of the original documents. The 1861 Census is not indexed by names. I believe this list is complete but I wiil add other transcriptions if they are discovered.

The headings are First Name: Surname: Relationship to Head of Household: Occupation: Age: Place of Birth.

Cottage. Great Malvern. Worcestershire. England
Matthew EATLEY. Head.M.57.Bricklayer.London
Mary EATLEY.W.M.51.Laundersess.Hanley Castle Worcestershire
John EATLEY.Son.W.31.Bricklayer.Hanley Castle Worcestershire
Emily EATLEY.Dau.U.18.Laundersess.Hanley Castle Worcestershire
Richard EATLEY.Son.Un.16.Labourer.Hanley Castle Worcestershire
Walter EATLEY.Son.9.Scholar.

The house was obviously full because lodging next door :-

Cottage. Great Malvern. Worcestershire. England
Charles EATLEY,Lodger.20.Bricklayer. Great Malvern, Worcestershire

Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah EATLY.Visitor.Widow.65.Gloucestershire. Maisemore.

4 Queens Place, Queens Street, Christchurch, Chelsea
Benjamin EATLY.Head.31.Bricklayer. France
Sophia EATLY. Wife. M.29.Laundress.Middlesex Chelsea
Benjamin Alfred EATLY.Son.10.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Anne Sophia EATLY. Daugh.9.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Henry Charles EATLY. Son.7.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Sophia Harriett EATLY.Daugh.5.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
William James EATLY.Son.3.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Alice Charlotte EATLY.Daugh.2.Middlesex Chelsea

4 Queens Place, Queens Street, Christchurch, Chelsea, London, England.
Charles Henry EATLY.Head.28.Bricklayer.Middlesex Chelsea
Sarah Agnes EATLY.Wife.26.Devon Plymouth

1 Jubilee Place. Chelsea. Middlesex. England
Eliza EATLY.H.Wid.58.Borough.Surrey
John Hollier EATLY.Son.32.Bricklayer.Paris. France.
Mary EATLY.Dau.19.Chelsea. Middlesex
Emma EATLY.Dau.16.Scholar.Chelsea. Middlesex

10 Little Camera Street, St Luke, Chelsea, London, England.
Charlotte EATLY. Head. Widow .Middlesex Hampstead
George EATLY.Son.34.Bricklayer.Middlesex Chelsea

29 Gee St, Finsbury St Luke, London, Middlesex, England
Epaphroditus EATLY M Head Pressman 31 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Caroline EATLY M Wife . 30 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
George EATLY.U.Son.10.Scholar. St Luke. Middlesex. England
Caroline EATLY U Dau Scholar 7 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
Richard EATLY U Son 3 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Epaphreditus EATLY U Son 4 months M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth EATTY U Sister No Occupation 38 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
Sarah EATLY.Grandmother.W.73.St Luke. Middlesex. England

18 Acton Street, St Bartholomews, Pancras
Richard EATLY 44 M Head St Lukes Middlesex England
Jane EATLY Wife M 46 Montgomeryshire Llandislio

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