EATLY in the 1871 Census of Britain

The following is a transcription of the EATLY families as they appear in the 1871 Census. They are taken from images of the original documents. The 1871 Census is not indexed by names. More transcriptions will be added as they are discovered.

The headings are First Name: Surname: Relationship to Head of Household: Occupation: Age: Place of Birth.

29 Gee St, Finsbury St Luke, London, Middlesex, England
Epaphroditus EATLY M Head Printers Pressman 42 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Caroline EATLY M Wife . 40 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
George EATLY.U.Son.20.Printers Pressman. St Luke. Middlesex. England
Caroline EATLY U Dau Book Folder 17 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
Richard EATLY U Son Scholar 12 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Epaphroditus EATLY U Son Scholar 10 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Sarah EATLY U Dau Scholar 9 F St Luke, Middlesex, England
William EATLY U Son Scholar 4 M St Luke, Middlesex, England
Samuel EATLY U Son 7 months St Luke, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth EATLY U Sister No Occupation 48 F St Luke, Middlesex, England

14 Flood Street, Christchurch, Chelsea, London, England.
Benjamin EATLY. Head.M.41.Bricklayer.France British Subject - 1881 Entry
Sophia EATLY.Wife. M.41.Middlesex Chelsea
Benjamin Alfred EATLY.Son.20.Bricklayer.Middlesex Chelsea
Henry Charles EATLY. Son.17.Bricklayer.Middlesex Chelsea
Sophia Harriett EATLY.Daugh.15.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
William James EATLY.Son.13.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Alice Charlotte EATLY.Daugh.12.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Julia EATLY. Daugh.7.Scholar.Berkshire Windsor
Albert Edward EATLY.Son.5.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Charles Ernest EATLY.Son.3.Scholar.Middlesex Chelsea
Louisa M.EATLY.Daugh.1 month. Middlesex Chelsea

10 Little Camera Street, St Luke, Chelsea, London, England.
George Charles EATLY.Head.44.Bricklayer.Middlesex Chelsea
Eliza EATLY.Wife.37.Gloucestershire Queenston

132 Lavender Road, Battersea, Surrey, England.

Eliza EATLEY F Head Widow House Owner 67 Southwark Surrey
John Hollier EATLY Son 43 Unmarried Bricklayer Paris France
Mary EATLY Dau Unmarried 29 No occupation  Chelsea Middlesex

2 Hop Street, Battersea, Wandsworth, Surrey. England
C(harles) H(enry). EATLEY M Head General Dealer. 39 M Chelsea, Middlesex, England
S(arah) A(gnes). EATLEY M Wife . 36 Plymouth. Devon.England
Elisa. EATLEY U Dau . 6 F St Pancras, Middlesex, England
C(harles). EATLEY . Son 3 M  Walthamstow, Essex, England
G(eorge). E. EATLEY . Son Scholar 9mnths. M Battersea, Surrey, England
Emma DIXON.Servant.14..General servant. Clapham. Surrey. England.

6 Devons Road, Bromley St. Leonards, Poplar, Tower Hamlets, London, England.
Charles EATLY.Head.30.Bricklayer.Malvern.Worcestershire
Sophia EATLY.Wife.35.Chelsea Middlesex
Charles EATLY.Son.3.Hammersmith
John EATLY.Son.4 months. Bromley, Poplar

50 New Street, Mile End Old Town, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex. England.
Richard EATLEY.Head.26.Bricklayer.Malvern,Worcestershire. England
Lucinda EATLEY.Wife.25.Pewsey,Wiltshire.England
Minney EATLEY.Daughter.3.Whitechapel. Middlesex. England.

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