Ƴe Ɓlacke Ɓooke of Eatly

Being a Memorial or  Account of the Life and Times,  Peregrinations and Trials of  those Bearing the Surname EATLY  in its Various  Spellings.

A One-Name Study of the rare surname EATLY.
The following pages contain information I have gathered over the last couple of decades about persons whose birth surname was EATLY often spelled EATLEY and rarely EATALY.

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Before the arrival of the internet  the information was  kept on a card index which accounts for the narrative style of the following pages.

There are no traditional pedigrees, family trees, ancestor and descendant lists here.    Instead there is a series of mini-biographies which are linked parent to child, child to parent  and so sibling to sibling,  so if one is interested one could build one's own  family tree by following the links.   Should one prefer the more traditional approach   I have  for convenience created a family tree style website at Tribal Pages. 

Tribal Tree

I welcome any questions or contributions relating to the surnames EATLY / EATLEY.   


These pages contain as much as a biography as I can fashion for all known EATLY / EATLEY family members ~~extracts for the surname EATLY / EATLEY/EATALY / EATELY from the UK census returns 1841 -1901 ~~ extracts for the surname EATLEY / EATLY from the US Federal Censuses ~~ statement of my privacy policy ~~those EATLY / EATLEY family members who died or fought in various wars ~~and some peripheral stuff on sources and the origin & spread of the surname EATLY / EATLEY together with such information which seemed to me relevant    

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