The wartime National Register of  26th September 1939 

The 1939 Register, taken on 29 September 1939, provides a snapshot of the civilian population of England and Wales just after the outbreak of the Second World War.  The records were used to produce up-to-date population statistics and identification cards and, once rationing was introduced in January 1940, to facilitate the issuing of ration cards.  The requirement to carry identification card was abolished in 1952.

10 Council Houses Shifnal R.D., Shropshire, England   
Charles C     EATLEY    11 Jan    1891    Male (Heavy) Shoeing & General Smith
Sarah E     EATLEY    15 Dec    1902    Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married
108 Sheen Road Richmond M.B., Surrey, England   
Henry Charles     EATLY    18 Jan    1877    Male Newsagent Married 
Jean Elizabeth     EATLY    18 Jan    1879    Male Housewife Married
11 Batley Road Hackney, London, England       
George E     EATLEY    10 Apr    1899    Male Asphalter Spreader Travelling Heavy Worker
Catherine E     EATLEY    8 Sep    1900    Female Tailors Machinist Married 
30 Crowlands Avenue Romford M.B., Essex, England   
Isabel L     EATLY    3 Mar    1872    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
Benjamin F     EATLY    7 Feb    1873    Heavy Worker Foreman Chemical Factory
40-41-42 Nevern Square Kensington, London, England   
Ella Minnie     EATLY    3 Aug    1896    Teaching (Travelling) Female Single
42 Middleton Drive Ruislip-Northwood U.D., Middlesex, England
Ronald D     EATLY    19 Feb    1902    Com Traveller Radio & Television
Frances A     EATLY    30 Jul    1903    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
Michael H     EATLY    29 Sep    1934    Under School Age 
47 Lonsdale Road Kensington, London, England       
Frederich W     EATLY    24 Jan    1896    Painter   
Harriett Aq     EATLY    17 Jul    1897    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
Violet H E     EATLY    20 Oct    1929    At School  
5 Balvernie Grove Wandsworth, London, England   
Winifred M     EATLY    6 Oct    1894    Female Paid Domestic Duties Widowed
6 Eyot Gardens Hammersmith, London, England       
Albert E     EATLY    24 Jun    1895    Motor Transport Driver Heavy Worker
Ernestine F D     EATLY     20 Mar    1896    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
Jacques E     EATLY    15 Nov    1918    Lift Attendant  
7 Stone Terrace Llanelly R.D., Carmarthenshire, Wales   
Margaret      EATLEY    23 Nov    1898    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
William (H)     EATLEY    31 Dec    1903    Builders Labourer  
Frederick W     EATLEY    15 Oct    1926    At School  
Alice A     EATLEY    17 Sep    1934    At School  
Clifford J     EATLEY    28 Aug    1938    Under School Age 
71A Flat 1 King Street Maidstone M.B., Kent, England   
Mary Violet     EATLY    16 Sep    1915    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
78 Brune House Stepney, London, England       
Sarah M     EATLY    24 Nov    1890    Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married
William A     EATLY    3 Aug    1891    Male Asphalter Travelling (Heavy Worker)
8 Manton Road Irthlingborough U.D., Northamptonshire, England
Charles E     EATLY    22 Sep    1867    Engineer General & Electrical Racal
Lilian A     EATLY    23 Sep    1899    Shop Machinist  
86 Downham Road Hackney, London, England       
Samuel      EATLY    3 Sep    1870    Carpenter   
Catherine      EATLY    15 Jul    1872    Unpaid Domestic  
Epaphroditus      EATLY    25 Jan    1904    Laboratory Assistant Airraid warden
George E     EATLY    27 May    1905    Packer Hairdresser  
Elizabeth      EATLY    16 Feb    1908    Fur Machinist  
Samuel W     EATLY    5 May    1910    Brass Founder (Stock Keeper)
Thomas H     JONES    23 Sep    1911    Scrutinizer (Acconded Darces) 
Alfred F     EATLY    17 Jan    1912    Brass Founder (Stockkeep 
99 Meadway Twickenham M.B., Middlesex, England   
Ellen L     EATLY    6 Feb    1890    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
Charles H     EATLY    11 Mar    1894    Architect   
High Street Cheadle R.D., Staffordshire, England       
Beatrice      EATLY    28 Dec    1892    Unpaid Domestic Duties 
Sunny Bank Wallisdown Road Bournemouth C.B., Hampshire, England
Albert E     EATLY    16 Oct    1865    Bricklayer Retired  
Elizabeth (L)     EATLY    11 Mar    1871    Unpaid Domestic Duties