EATLY/EATLEY in the 1911 Census of Britain

The following is a transcription of the EATLY families as they appear in the 1911 Census of  2nd Aptil 1911.
They are taken from images of the original documents.

Name Age  Marriage Condition   
Years Married   
Total Children Children      Alive  Children    Died  Occupation Industry If worker Place of Birth
83 Cranham Road, Sth Bermondsey S E                    
Samuel Eatly 40 M         Potman Licensed victualler worker St Lukes, London
Edith Eatly  [Catherine Edith] 38 M 12 9 5 4       Chertsey, London
Edith Eatly  [Edith Florence] 8           school     Hammersmith, London
Arthur Eatly [Epaphroditus Arthur] 7           school     Hammersmith, London
George Eatly 5           school     Marylebone, London
Elizabeth Eatly [Elizabeth Catherine] 4                 Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
Samuel Eatly [William Samuel] 2                 Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
5 Elthiron Road, Fulham                    
Albert Eatly  45 M 20 5 4 1 Bricklayer    worker Chelsea, London
Minnie Eatly 43 M               Risley, Norfolk, England
William Eatly 18 S         Hosiers Assistant   worker  Stockwell, Surrey, England
Mable Eatly 17 S         Dressmaker   worker  Fulham, Middlesex, England
Ella Eatly 14 S         at school      Fulham, Middlesex, England
Olive Eatly 10 S         at school      Fulham, Middlesex, England
31 Rutland Road, Harrow                    
Edith L E Yardley [Eatly] 33 M 10 1 1 0 Sewing machinist -bookbinding   worker  Islington, London, England
Dorothy E Yardley 6                  Islington, London, England
Alice E Eatly 25 S                Islington, London, England
8 Manton Rd, Irthlingborough Northamptonshire                    
Charles Ernest Eatly  43 M         Engineer Shoe plant    London, England
Ann Eatly  42 M 21 2 2 0        London, England
William Charles Eatly 18 S         Machinist Shoe manufacturer    London, England
Lilian A H Eatly 11           School      London, England
42 Stavordale Rd, Islington                    
George Eatly  59 Widower 34 7 4 3 Printers pressman   worker Islington
Epaphroditus Eatly 29 S         Bookbinders porter   worker  Islington
Jessie Eatly 19 S         Miliner   worker  Islington
128 Dewsbury Road, Ossett, Yorkshire                    
Sophia Eatley 71 Widow         None   worker Chelsea, London
Rosetta Wicks [Eatley]  39 M 21 5 3 2 Rag sorter   worker Mile End, London
Annie Wicks  16 S         Dressmaker   worker Ossett, Yorkshire
Herbert Wicks 14 S         Brickmaker   worker Ossett, Yorkshire
Polstead Street, Stoke By Nayland, Colchester                    
William H Eatley 7 S         Boarder      Kilburn, London
29 Goldsmiths Row, Hackney Road                    
William Eatly  42 M         Horne & chain maker   worker Finsbury London
Florence Emily Eatly  39 M 20 4 4 0       Haggerston, London
William Arnold Eatly 19 S         General labourer   worker Hackney  Wick, London
Florence Winifred Eatly 17 S         Tent machinist   worker  London, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Caroline Eatly 15 S         Shoe machinist   worker  London, United Kingdom
George Eli Eatly 11 S         at school      London, United Kingdom
104 Gosberton Road Wandsworth S W                    
Alice Eatley 50 S         Domestic Servant General      London, United Kingdom
17 Lainson St, Wandsworth S W                    
George Edward Eatly  40 M         Bricklayer building worker Battersea, Surrey
Elizabeth Eatly  40 M 19 4 4 0       Milwall, London
Charles Eatly 17 S         Draughtsman building worker  Wandsworth, Surrey, England
George Eatly 16 S         Secondary school      Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Albert Eatly 13           school      Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Edward Eatly 3                  Wandsworth, Surrey, England
163 Bedford Hill, Balham S W                    
Benjamin Francis Eatly  37 M         Gold refiner   worker  Chelsea, London, England
Isabel Louisa Eatly  38 M 12 4 3 1        Chelsea, London, England
Isabel Annie Eatly 10                  Chelsea, London, England
Ivy Constance Eatly 8                  Chelsea, London, England
Nellie Edith Eatly 5                  Chelsea, London, England
40 Chester Road, Watford, Herts                    
Letitia Ann Eatly  52 Widow   5 3 2 Boarding House Keeper     Oxford, Oxfordshire
Ethel May Eatly 21 S         Teacher Of Music   Own account Chelsea, London
87 Packington St, Islington North                    
Annie Eatly 40 Widow         Warehouse assistant Bible warehouse worker St Lukes, Middlesex
44 St James Road, Watford                    
Henry Charles Eatly  34 M         Clerk Coal and railway agency worker  Chelsea, London, England
Jessie Elizabeth Eatly  32 M 11 3 3          Chelsea, London, England
Irene Victoria Eatly 10 S         School      Kensington, London, England
Ronald Douglas Henry Eatly 10 S                Putney, Surrey, England
Cyril Bernard Charles Eatly 9 S                Putney, Surrey, England
91 Granville Rd, West Kilburn N W                    
Alice Annie Eatley 49 Widow 27 6 6 4 Washer Laundry      City of London
Ellen Elsworth Eatley 22 S         Ironer Laundry      Queens Park, Kilburn
Fredrick William Eatley 15 S         Errand boy for Chemist      Queens Park, Kilburn
Florence Emily Eatley 24 M         Ironer Laundry      Queens Park, Kilburn
Annie Eatley 9 S                Paddington
William Eatley 7 S               Willesden, London
Alice Eatley 4 S               Willesden, London
11 Mortimer Rd, Kingsland                    
Richard Eatly  52 M         Printer letter press   worker St Lukes, Middlesex
Charlotte Eatly  49 M 25 2 2 0       St Lukes, Middlesex
22 Audrey St Ossett                    
Charles Eatley 43 M         Miner Hewer Old Roundwood Colliery worker London
Adeline Eatley 34 M 16 3 2 1 Housekeeper home   Ossett, Yorkshire
Nora Eatley 16 S         Milliner home own account Ossett, Yorkshire
Quenington, Fairford, Glos                    
Eliza Eatly 78 Widow         Private means     Quenington, Gloucestershire
37 Parthenia Road, Fulham S W                    
Benjamin Alfred Eatly  60 M         Bricklayer supported partly by pension.     London
Hannah Augusta Eatly  61 M 22 2 1 1       Windsor, Berkshire
Alfred William Eatly  21 S         Mechanical draughtsman   worker London